PEFFA USA will make your English writing a strength as a foreign applicant to the U.S.

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PEFFA USA's Mission

Professional English for Foreign Applicants (PEFFA) USA aims to help foreign students and professionals to better their writing skills in English. In a competitive market, such as the U.S., any applicant could lose their opportunity to be selected for an interview by having poorly written English within their application portfolio.

PEFFA USA can update any cover letter, personal statement, or CV/resume, to meet the criteria of a professional style of English for the U.S. job markets. This will increase your chances of success and to get that highly sought after interview.

Furthermore, PEFFA USA also works to update your businesses website(s) and portfolio(s) from your native language. We want you to compete and gain customers through a concise and clear message.


I am a Swedish-American that spent the past twenty plus years in the U.S. I understand the struggles in developing the necessary professional skills in English and what it takes to be successful. I have received certification in technical and professional writing and have years of experience in the field of professional, technical, and creative writing.

I work on professional personal statements, resumes, cover letters, and technical writing for websites and blogs. Writing is an art form and I seek to engage the audience and create the best work in English that I can for any document that is submitted. 

The PEFFA USA Experience

Here at PEFFA USA, we look to re-imagine and re-create any document you provide into a successful work of art that is written with professional and technical English in mind. Few people realize the implications of their writing and how it may be viewed in the U.S. to potential employers. Any grammatical mistake may leave your application on the outside looking in. The same stands for any business you are trying to establish in the U.S. Mastering English is not easy, and you do not want to lose potential customers due to this. 

It is important to understand how different your writing will look once it is completed by our services. We, as individuals, may not know our own errors and mistakes without the guidance of professionals. Here at PEFFA USA, the goal is to bring you confidence in what is written for potential employers or your business.