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Stefan Johnsson has been working on editing and reviewing personal statements and CV's for foreign professionals since 2016. He has over 10 years experience in working with foreign professionals in all fields of work and a master's degree in international relations. An author and editor, Stefan Johnsson has recently published his first book and completed a certificate in technical and professional writing to help him excel in the field of writing. He is consistently looking to provide excellent service to all foreign applicants who are applying for work in the U.S. For questions on any service below, please email him directly at

Personal Statement Review and Editing

COST $75

The personal statement editing comes with a complete revamp of your document. Most programs that you apply for would not want your personal statement to exceed one full page. It needs to be concise and professionally written. This editing and review service will help you get the correct length, sentence structure while also pushing your passion forward to help you show the strengths and commitment for the field of work that you plan on applying for.

Note: As this is a professional editing and writing service, we do not write these from scratch. Please have a written statement ready to submit for editing and review.

Resume Review and Editing

COST $115

Similar to the personal statement, reviewing and editing your resume will make your professional document seem a step above the rest. Grammar structure and editing are vital, and so is the overall look of your resume, which many forget to focus on. This service will make sure that you are confident in the professional look and feel of your resume without worrying about any grammar or sentence structure mistakes. 

Combination Plan: Personal Statement and Resume Review

COST $160

If you need to have both your personal statement and resume done together, you can do so with this discounted offer. For the above price, you can submit both documents for editing and review. It pays to combine and even if you decide to submit one now and the other at a different time, you can still take advantage of this price. Please email Stefan Johnsson directly if you wish to take this offer at a later time and date.

Resume Review and Editing for Foreign Students

COST $90

If you are currently in school or recently graduated within the past six months, you may take advantage of this offer for resume review and editing. It is important to get a step ahead of the competition by having a resume that stands out. Please provide proof of enrollment or diploma showing your recent graduation to take advantage of this price and offer.

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