Projects and Other Editing Needs

PEFFA USA's goal is also to work with companies and entrepreneurs on projects that will require professional editing and proofreading. Below are some examples on what we can help you with.


Website Editing:

Our mission includes helping small business owners with content editing and proofreading. This may be for your personal business website or projects that you are currently working on. 

Technical Writing:

Areas of expertise are business, immigration, and foreign relations. These projects may include business manuals, reports, or blogs.

Grant Writing:

If you are applying for a grant of any kind and need help to get the information together and looking professional, then this is the right service for you. This can be the difference between receiving a grant or not.

If this is a need for you, please send a message on the Contact tab or email directly.

Current rate for any editing/writing project is  $50 per hour.